Video training designed for simplicity.

So you shine online.

Simple Video Training hosts 1 hour live sessions with ample Q&A time, so you always have complete clarity on how to simply look great on video, everywhere you're virtual.

Ideal for training speakers & moderators, for sales teams who want to amplify their virtual brand, for companies who want to collect authentic and post-able video testimonials, and for all professionals who want to look more professional on video.

Designed for video beginners, we recommend gear that's tested and verified. Everything is simple to use, inexpensive to acquire, and ready to amplify your brand.

Actionable Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Live Q&A Session With Every Training

Non-Techies Welcome

Stand Out Online And Fill Your Pipeline with Our Professional Training

For all consultants, executive coaches, and professionals who want to look more professional on video.

Kris Jekielek, Founder

Kristin (or Kris, she goes by both) hosts all of our Simple Video 101 Trainings LIVE, because we believe that some things are better learned through interaction. All of the online course gurus say we need to record this and sell it as part of a $2,000 course. They say that’s what’s best for business owners. 

But what about what’s best for our students? 

That’s why we always include 15 minutes of Live Q&A at the end of each training, and why Kristin takes you behind the scenes of her at-home living room video setup, so you see everything in action and leave with complete confidence on how to make your own videos right away. 

Because you have other work to do, and the last thing the world needs now is yet another 8 week course.

Our trainings are just 1 hour of your time, so you can squeeze this into your busy schedule. And if you want to learn even more about creating video content that gets results, our Simple Video 101 comes with 4 freebies that give you another hour of trainings to walk through and implement, on your own time and at your own pace. 

What Our Students Have to Say

Learning about in-home video from Kristin completely leveled-up my presentations both pre-recorded, and live on Zoom. Her methods are easy for anyone to learn, and the equipment she recommends is affordable and accessible. With just a few adjustments per Kristin’s recommendations, I feel so much more professional and confident on camera across all of my social platforms—and I’ve seen a major uptick in audience engagement. If any part of your business communication or marketing relies on video (which it should, by the way!), you won’t want to miss what Kristin has to teach on this topic!
Erin Yoffe Halper
CEO of The Upside
Kristin's talk on video marketing helped me to see, in a short space of time, how I can up my video game dramatically. The talk was both practical and inspiring. Practical in that Kristin demonstrated very straightforward ways to improve the quality of the videos I produce, and inspiring in that everything was accessible and within my ability to implement. I left feeling encouraged to get started. Highly recommended!
Alison Coward
Founder at Bracket
Big THANK YOU to Kristin Jekielek for your awesome workshop on video. Just had my first podcast interview since upgrading my set up as per your tips and got AWESOME feedback about how great it looks!! 🙌🏻 🥰 💛
Merritt Minnemeyer
Master of One Coaching
Since my preferred medium is written communication, I didn't seriously consider video for my business until I watched Kristin's presentation. She takes you behind the scenes and her tips and tricks make video so much less daunting.
Lori Sussle Bonanni
Communications Consultant
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