Are you a Consultant or Executive Coach ready to stand out online and get your message noticed by prospects, so they realize they need to work with you?


Future clients want to experience you and the transformation you offer. That’s why video content is simply the best way to connect online, when your authority and expertise shine.


  Simple Video 101 is a quick live training and tutorial bundle designed to help you create hot leads who value your expertise.

Was $199

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What if you never had to convince a prospective client of your value and expertise ever again?

Or, let me rephrase that:

What if new clients could experience you and be convinced of your expertise and value before ever getting on a call with you?

With Simple Video 101, there’s no need to “post and pray” social media content or blogs. You’ll learn how to consistently build authority online and bring in excited leads in less than 2 hours.

Is your message getting lost online while you’re tired of writing blogs that aren’t growing your business?

What if there was a way to attract ideal clients by creating content that gets more views organically, while communicating your value and establishing your authority?

That’s exactly why I created Simple Video 101, because I wanted to help you bring more qualified leads into your pipeline.

Learn how to create eye-catching video content that brings in leads in only 2 hours (even before you invest in any gear).

Here's whats inside the training

After creating and perfecting a simple but proven video content creation process that I’ve used for more than a decade, I’ve distilled the most important things you need to know into this live training.

When you enroll, you’ll get from me:

  • Access to a 1-hour Live Training
  • Discover the 6 Key Factors for looking good on video
  • Go behind-the-scenes of my at-home video setup, where I show you exactly how it all works
  • Ask Me Anything on the 15 minute Live Q&A
  • The MVG (Minimum Viable Gear) List, for budgets as tiny as $40 and up
  • My Value Video Script Template for creating impactful 3 – 5 minute videos that put your expertise on display
  • The Video Velocity Checklist to create your first eye-catching video immediately after the training
  • The Authority Accelerator Method teaches you how to consistently create video content that converts lurkers into leads by letting your thought leadership shine
  • Look more professional & polished in the settings where it matters, whether that’s Zoom or social media

What Our Students Have to Say

Learning about in-home video from Kristin completely leveled-up my presentations both pre-recorded, and live on Zoom. Her methods are easy for anyone to learn, and the equipment she recommends is affordable and accessible. With just a few adjustments per Kristin’s recommendations, I feel so much more professional and confident on camera across all of my social platforms—and I’ve seen a major uptick in audience engagement. If any part of your business communication or marketing relies on video (which it should, by the way!), you won’t want to miss what Kristin has to teach on this topic!
Erin Yoffe Halper
CEO of The Upside
Kristin's talk on video marketing helped me to see, in a short space of time, how I can up my video game dramatically. The talk was both practical and inspiring. Practical in that Kristin demonstrated very straightforward ways to improve the quality of the videos I produce, and inspiring in that everything was accessible and within my ability to implement. I left feeling encouraged to get started. Highly recommended!
Alison Coward
Founder at Bracket
Big THANK YOU to Kristin Jekielek for your awesome workshop on video. Just had my first podcast interview since upgrading my set up as per your tips and got AWESOME feedback about how great it looks!! 🙌🏻 🥰 💛
Merritt Minnemeyer
Master of One Coaching
Since my preferred medium is written communication, I didn't seriously consider video for my business until I watched Kristin's presentation. She takes you behind the scenes and her tips and tricks make video so much less daunting.
Lori Sussle Bonanni
Communications Consultant

Are you struggling to attract enough amazing clients who want the transformation you offer?

Imagine if you could have hot prospects booking discovery calls with you every week, people who are in alignment with your message and your values, people who are ready to become clients.

You can make this a reality with  Simple Video 101 Live Training.

Let’s Get Started!

Was $199

Now Only $49

Kris Jekielek
Founder and Creator

About Me

Hi, I’m Kris Jekielek

I also go by Kristin. I believe our mis-steps in life can become our greatest strengths. I’ve created several startups, failed as a personal coach, consulted at a Fortune 50 company for a decade, and hold an honors degree as an astrophysicist. But as it turns out, my surprising talent in life is creating great-looking marketing videos from home that have helped me bring in tons of leads and created thousands of customers for three of my businesses. 

The idea for SimpleVideo.Training hit me when multiple business owners kept asking me who I was hiring to create my marketing videos – and the answer was no one, I was doing it all myself. My no-fluff basic video trainings soon collected rave reviews, and my community saw big benefits from upping their video game – and SimpleVideo.Training was born.

Back to my videos for a second. People thought they looked great, but nice looking videos alone aren’t worth their own training course, not when we’re running a business.

The most amazing thing about these videos is how they brought in leads for me – even when the economy was tanking.

Let me show you what worked so well, here’s one of my videos that I filmed at home with my laptop.

This video was made with a few simple tools:

  • My 5 year old laptop
  • Two lights plus natural light from my window
  • A $40 microphone
  • A black screen on a stand
  • Edited for free by me

Now, I’ll admit, I’m getting a little fancy with my graphics and editing in this one. You don’t even need that to build authority and trust online. You simply need to be experienced by your ideal clients, which means just getting yourself on video and showing us who you are and the results you create.

Which is exactly what you’ll learn to do in Simple Video 101.

Here's the Value of Simple Video 101

1 hour Live Training w/ Q&A ($197 value)

  • Master the 6 Key Factors for looking good on video from home
  • Develop your confidence on camera with proven tips
  • Learn how to make professional looking videos without buying a single piece of gear
  • When you’re ready to upgrade your online presence, I share the bare bones basic equipment that makes the biggest impact for the smallest price
  • Create valuable videos by always knowing what to say
  • Go behind the scenes with me as I show you the do’s and don’ts of building authority with video
  • Learn how to use Zoom backgrounds that look crisp and clear – no more losing your hair or your hands in a fuzzy mess
  • My best tips on how to replicate your in-person impact on video

The MVG List (Minimum Viable Gear list)
(saves you $100’s easily, a $97 value)

  • Perfect for non-techies because this list was designed with easy and durable in mind
  • Pick-and-choose gear recommendations
  • Everything has been tried, tested, and used by Kristin

Value Video Script Template
(a $97 value)

  • Create impactful 3 – 5 minute videos that put your expertise on display, broadcast your message and values, and show the transformation you offer.

Video Velocity Checklist
($27 value)

  • Build momentum online with this guide to creating your first video.
  • You can begin immediately following the Live Training, no special gear necessary to begin attracting more leads.

Authority Accelerator Method
($47 value)

  • Create Your First 4 Value Videos, and then Create Content with Consistency
  • This method leverages the Value Video Script to build your authority and attract excited leads who resonate with your mission and values
  • This gives you everything you need to create with consistency and keep the leads coming in

You Can Have it Now!

instead of $465

Only $49

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a Live Training session every Thursday at 2pm EST (11am PST). If you join right now, you can sign up for this week’s training! Or you can register a couple weeks out, if that works better for your schedule. If these times don’t work for you, just contact me via email and we’ll take care of you. 

Not a problem! I teach you how to step into your confidence on camera through body biohacking and time-tested tips. Anyone can look confident on camera.

This course is designed to be accessible to total beginners and non-tech professionals. I give you all the info you need to make setup, filming, and posting a breeze. Letting your expertise and your value shine is what I’m here to do.

I know we’re all busy with businesses to run, the last thing anyone wants is another 3 week course on marketing. Attending the live training + implementing the tutorial bundle only takes 2 hours to create your first four value videos.

Nope! We start with videos that are short and focused, because you can film and edit them with your phone’s built-in video software. Just trim the beginning and the end off, and you’re ready to post. It really is that simple to get started.

That’s why the Live Training includes an entire section on knowing what to say, PLUS the Value Video Script Template that removes the guesswork and keeps you focused on delivering engaging information.

Neither do I! You see, living in a city for the past decade has meant limited space. I have never had a room in my home to leave a video studio set up. My gear list is curated with space-saving equipment that is durable enough to withstand weekly setup & breakdown, while being light and fast to use. Don’t let a small space stop you from leveraging the power of online video. 

Absolutely! All of the tips, tricks, and advice in the Simple Video 101 Live Training can be used in Zoom calls, teleconferencing, video interviews, live virtual speaking engagements, social media videos, video marketing, and everywhere you are on camera and want that extra impact of professionalism and polish. 

Who is Simple Video 101 for?

You’re a consultant who wants to showcase your unique value proposition to warm up leads before they’re in your pipeline.

Executive Coaches
You’re an executive coach who wants to bring in more leads who are already sold on your unique offering before they ever get on a call with you.

Small Business Owners
You’re a small business owner who wants your online content to get more visibility organically, without another big monthly expense.

Get Started Making Video!

Was $199

Now Only $49

Here's how it works


When you purchase Simple Video 101, you’ll go through the checkout process and enter your email and credit card – the usual stuff. You’ll be granted immediate access to the training dashboard after you complete checkout. 


We go live every Thursday at 2pm EST. Then you select the Live Training session that works for your schedule and register your spot. If something comes up and you miss it, no worries. You can reschedule for one of the next sessions held every week. 


After you complete training, it’s time to go back to your dashboard. This is where you’ll be able to access and download all four of your freebies. They’re PDFs you can print out or save to your phone, and they’re yours to keep. 


Next comes the fun part where you begin to apply all of the new things you’ve learned and watch the compliments roll in. 

If you have any questions at all about accessing the Live Training or Freebies, you’ll have access to my support email 24/7.

Questions about Refunds

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you could be…

One month from now, creating professional-looking Value Videos that are
drawing in leads every week, people who already know they want to work with you before they even book their discovery call.

Are you a Consultant or Executive Coach ready to look more professional on video so your content stands out online, stops the scroll, and connects with your community?


Simple Video 101 is a short live training and tutorial bundle designed to help you create hot leads who value your expertise.

It’s Time to Get Started Now!

Was $199

Now Only $49

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